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About The 60s Music
By Robert Heimer Sr.  |   Submitted On November 30, 2010

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Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry, Joan Baez and many other rock artists and bands. Rock and roll was originated in United States in 1940s and 50s. It features an incredible blend of different types of music such as jazz, country music and blues.

The era of 1960s was the time when rock music began gaining popularity. Although the music originated in United States. It was British band the Beatles that defined this genre in its own fashion. The Beatles came into mainstream music bands in the end of 1962. Even though they were from Britain, one can easily figure out the influences of American soul music, surf music and rhythm and blues. There are several songs that hit the #1 spot of Billboard Hot 100. Beatles was the first British band that got top spot in billboard hot 100 charts. One of the most famous song was "I want to hold your hand" that spent 15 weeks on the chart. Till date, Beatles is still has the record of best selling UK's rock and roll band in 1960s.

The British band was creating new rage in US while in next two year other rock and roll bands came into existence. Some of the famous ones are Chad and Jeremy, Manfred Mann and Freddie and the Dreamers. Another band that makes its mark in the field of Rock& Roll is The Rolling Stones. The band is also famous for playing other music genres such as rhythm and blues, blues-rock and rock. Besides playing their own songs they also famous for playing covers of famous songs. One of the most famous cover performed by the Rolling Stone was Chuck Berry's "Come on."

The rolling stone's second single was "I want to be your man" which was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, two leading men of the Beatles. Other famous rock and roll bands from Britain that made their name on the podium of music world in 1960s are the Who, Dave Clark Five and Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders. By late 1960s, rock and roll saw its decline. Things that pointed towards the end of the rock and roll era are the departure of Elvis for army, prosecutions of Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis and retirement of little Richard to become a preacher. Rise of several girls group singing love ballads become another reason for declination of rock bands. By 1969, backbone of this was l music by Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Rolling Stone's member Brian Jones died because of overdose of drugs.

80 year old retired male. Was a teenager in the 50s. Love the music of the 50s.

Have opened up 2 websites about the 50s music.


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